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    George Haworth -  England  England   (updated May 2020)

  George's birth place, family ties, and area

George Haworth - America  George      (updated April 2022)

  His letters, voyage, vows, will, and land

George Haworth -                 Siblings (updated April 2020)

  His siblings and cousins 

George Haworth - His children    Family   


Cemetery Headstones 

 With pictures            Cemetery

 Find A Grave             List  (updated June 2022) 

 A Cemetery is Found      More on this soon


      (y)DNA PROJECT            Project (updated February 2022)


Family Notes              Notes

  There are over 40 illustrated stories 

    Genealogy - Data Base     History

              - Historical    Chart


HAWORTH MIGRATION         Migration        


    HA(Y)WORTH NAME           Name

  Origin and history

    OTHER PICTURES            Help Needed             

  Help needed and found information



 Published text, historic newsletter     Publications

    REUNIONS:                 Reunions   

  Reunions - 1899 to 2019, plans for 2021

    SCHOOLS                   Schools  

  Schools that the Haworth family attended

Wills, Obituaries:        Wills-Obit   (updated May 2022)      

    INTERESTING LINKS:        Links


We welcome any data and pictures that you might want to forward to us.

Many people have  participated in this project.  Thank you all!

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