Transporation - Airport to Doylestown

Train Option

FARE:  The train fare is reasonable priced at $33.20 (including the $4.95 required "Key Card") per person for a weekly pass that includes Thursday to the following Tuesday.

At the airport, you first purchase a Key Card from a "kiosk", and then buy the weekly pass.

TRAVEL TIME:  The travel time may be excessive, considering that two trains are involved. 

The first train (Airport Line) from the airport is 25 minutes to downtown, and runs every 30 minutes.

The second train (Lansdale/Doylestown Line) is 90 minutes from downtown to Dolestown and runs every hour.

SYSTEM MAP:   Map link

SCHEDULES:    Airport to downtown      Airline Terminals

                               Doylestown:   Weekdays &  Saturday/Sunday

Source of Information:   SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)        


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