Haworth Association of  America

Tree Dedication

Willow Oak Tree and Granite Marker in Memory of George and Sarah (Scarborough) Haworth

Buckingham Friends Meeting Burial Ground

Bucks County, PA

June 17, 2022

Haworth Association of America

We stand here today in this sacred place. To honor the memory of our Quaker ancestors, George and Sarah (Scarborough) Haworth.  George arrived in Bucks County from England in 1699.  Sarah was born here in 1694.  They were married, they carved a farm out of the woods, they had children. They were founding members of Buckingham Friends Meeting in 1720. Sarah is buried here, and we like to think that George is too.

300 years ago, they built a family, a farm, a Quaker meeting—a life in a new country.  We honor their courage and vision. Humble people, who, without knowing it or intending to, made a big difference.  They lived according to Quaker principles of faith, simplicity, equality, peace, and integrity. In true Quaker fashion and with all humility, they were buried without headstones as was the practice of the day. This tree might please them, the stone probably not.  But it would never have occurred to them that, after 300 years, a group of their descendants, many generations down, would gather to stand here with them. To remember them. To feel their spiritual presence. To affirm our family and our history.  To be blessed by them once again.

Families are all about love, work, and wonder.  We have seen the love and work of generations of our ancestors.  Today, this is a moment of wonder.  We lift up our deepest gratitude to all those who have gone before us to create this place and to grow our family.

And so, we dedicate this Willow Oak Tree in the sacred resting place of our ancestors in the Buckingham Friends Meeting Old Burial Grounds.  May the tree grow strong and beautiful and have a long life. We dedicate this granite marker to remember our ancestors, for ourselves and for generations to come.  May all who come here, whether Haworths or not, be blessed by this spot. 

And let the family say,  AMEN. 

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