Haworth Virtual Reunion Day

Welcome by Sharon Castle

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to Haworth-Scarborough Virtual Reunion Day!  I am Sharon Castle, head of the reunion committee.  And It’s great to see you all here on Zoom.  We had hoped to see you in person this summer, but under the circumstances, this is the next best thing.  One upside is that we have some participants with us who would not be able to join us in person.  Hopefully, some of you who had not thought about it before, will get excited about the in-person gathering a year from now near the home of George the Immigrant in Doylestown, PA. 

Two points before we begin:  1.  We are new to Zoom and have been working hard to learn it.  We are optimistic that all will go smoothly today, but if it doesn’t, just be patient.

2. Haworth/Hayworth/Howorth…..We have  them all here today.  Different ways of pronouncing the name the way we have learned it within our immediate family.  But it doesn’t really matter because all are descendants of George the Immigrant. We just go with the flow. 

Our theme/goal for today day is to educate, excite, and enjoy.  To educate us all about our common ancestors, to excite us about our heritage and the in-person gathering next year and other Haworth Association activities, and to enjoy socializing with relatives whom we may or may not have met before.

The Haworth Association was founded and held its first reunion in Plainfield, Indiana in 1899.   So we have a long history!  However, this is our first virtual day.  Wouldn’t our ancestors be blown away?? A new chapter in Haworth Reunions!  But we still love our in-person reunions and hope you’ll join us for that next year. 

Let me introduce the planning committee: (wave and say Hi as your name is called!)

Loran and Sue




Carl and Jessie



Me.  The Quaker. We all welcome you!

Let’s take a quick look at today’s program:                       

o   Three sections:  History, Association Activities, and Socializing in small groups.   

o   Breaks, but start on time.

o   Each session has a presenter, moderator to look for questions in the Chat and raised hands, and a Zoom host.

o   Social groups will be in Break-Out rooms, by ancestors.  Small groups for easier socializing. 

o   Food for social groups, since families eat. 

o   Keep your questions in mind. Chat or write them down. For Q and A

o   Keep in mind any ideas you have for the in-person reunion.  We want your ideas and feedback. 

Zoom Guidelines/Reminders:

·         Mute yourself when not talking.

·         Unmute when talking.

·         Video/camera on so we can see each other.

·         Video off, when you get up, get interrupted at home, etc.

·         Speaker view and gallery view

·         Presenters will present, then take questions.  Put your questions in the chat. Then raise real or virtual hand… Save questions for Q & A also.

·         We will record todays sessions; if you are not OK, leave your camera off. 

·         Please silence  your cell phones!

Questions before we start??


OK.  Let’s start with some family history, a look at the one ancestor we all have in common:  our very own, George the Immigrant Haworth. Who came to British America in 1699. 322 years ago. 

Abe Lincoln said that the work of history is done by plain people. Our George was one of them, a plain person, his story is not that unusual. But for us, his descendants, his story is amazing!  We want to know our ancestors, people of courage who took their skills and faith and little else into unknown places and built not only a life, but a country. 

"I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands."     Linda Hogan, Native American writer 

The “love of thousands.” What greater legacy could we have than our ancestors? Our legacy is our family as seen through the lens of history. A story created by families over many generations. A story that begins in England then follows the growth of the United States from colonial times through westward movement to settlement of the prairies to the West Coast. Most of these people were not rich, nor did they spend time thinking about what their legacy would be; they simply lived, moving to new places and building new communities.  This is a story of births, marriages, and deaths; of migrations and journeys; of land acquisition and settlement; of Quaker belief and practice. Our ancestors worked hard, raised their families, and responded to the issues of the day: religious persecution, immigration to the New World, slavery, westward movement, industrialization, and world wars. It is the story that our ancestors created through 300 years of daily living, through the love, work, and wonder that is the essence of life. So let’s begin with George The Immigrant. 

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