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I am Ron Haworth, web master of

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This is the top portion of the first page.

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The site was started in July of 1999, after reserving the name, which has been saved until July of 2026.  I use a remote server.

The site contains:

   2,600 pages -  5,209 pictures  -  6,938 files

Yes – lots of pictures. 

All the maintenance is done on my computer, and backed up on two external hard drives.

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This slide shows the top portion of the Table of Contents page.

My favorite section is Family Note where there are 40 illustrated stories.

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Slide 5 shows the Family Notes link, and then the sub links to 4 Civil War Military Notes.

  The Civil War Diary by David Haworth is a must reading. 

  We are fortunate today to have with us two direct descendants from David;

  David Swan Haworth and Carol Udel-Rodriguez.

  David has the papers from Sargent David Haworth, which he shared with me.

  My favorite pages in the “Diary” are where he volunteers to sneak back to his home area and spy on the confederate troops.  He is captured but escapes from being shot at dawn the next morning.

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And here is the bottom portion of the Table of Contents page with 9 additional major subjects and links.

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This is the Genealogy link.  There is a link to the chart.  The chart is large  (24” x 48”) and was  made during the early reunions.  I have uploaded the original version, which you can download and have printed.

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Now I am going to talk about the Data Base file.

I started the database in 1996 for the 300 year reunion in 1999.  The attendees submitted their lineage, which was entered into the data base.

Purpose: to provide a computer file of Haworth family names to be used as a starting point for their family history.


Source: each names in the printed text:  “Some Quaker Families – Scarborough/Haworth”.     It is seven volumes and  4,401 pages.

 In year 2003, Carol Ford, who is with us today, took over posting names from Volume 2.

She completed Volume 7 in November  of 2010.  Yes - 111,933 names, one key stroke at a time!

 What Is Needed:

·       A computer genealogy software program (we use two)

             Family Tree Maker 19

             Roots Magic 7

·       A copy of one of the two data file  (to match the software program)

        You can write me, and I will give you access to a Dropbox folder.

        Another way is to use a flash stick copy that can be mailed. 

What To Do Next:

    Install the software program and install the data file.     Then find your family line and enter your data.       (hint – start with James and trace forward)


End Results:  (1) Genealogy reports. 

                             For example, see the first two pages of the thirteen page pedigree chart for Homer Donald Haworth.

                          (2) A source for family name search.

Caution:  As a user, you need to take the file as a starting point and verify your lineage history.  Also, it is suggested that you give the file a date to indicated it was accurate at a point in time.

 Thank you.

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