A Haworth—Scarborough Virtual Meeting

 Saturday June 19, 2021

Video  - https://youtu.be/NZeuct2YYBE   (close the external page to return to this page)



                12:30-1:00   Open socializing - by Loran Haworth  
                1:00             Welcome by Sharon Castle 
                1:15             Family History 1: George “the Immigrant:” England to America by Marilyn Totten

                1:45             Break
                2:00             Family History 2: George and Sarah in Bucks County, by Sharon Castle

                2:30             Break
                2:45             Haworth Association Activities:

1.  The Haworth Association, by Marilyn Totten
                                        2.  Haworth-Scarborough Reunions, by Carl & Jessie Haworth
                                        3. & 4.  Haworth Association Website and Database, by Ron Haworth
                                        5.  Haworth-Howarth DNA Surname Project, by Hugh Haworth
                3:15            Break.  (Bring lunch or afternoon coffee to next session)
                3:30            (Social Groups by Children of George, with sharing food together)  
Which of George and Sarah's children are you descended from? 
                                    (The Virtual Reunion then separated into 5 rooms)
                                    Stephanus, Son of George, by Lisa Lindgren
                                    Absalom, Son of George, by Wendell Haworth
                                    James, son of George; Richard and Sarah, son of James by Ron Haworth
                                    James, son of George; George and Jemina, children of James by Sharon Castle
                                    James, son of George;  and James Jr., son of James by Marilyn Totten 
               4:00            Q & A 
               4:30            Closing
4:45-5:15   Open socializing, for those who want to linger.

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