The Haworth Association

by Marilyn Totten


1)      The Haworth Association held its first Reunion in Plainfield, IN in 1899; to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Haworth “the Immigrant” arriving in America.   It was followed by a second Reunion in Kansas City in 1902; and a third in 1906.

2)       The Association was founded by William Perry Haworth, a Midwest Quaker minister who travelled extensively and compiled much Haworth genealogy (descendants of George).  He was the first President of the Association (we no longer have officers).  


3)        Since those first Reunions, the Association has members who have been active in a lot of research, writing and sharing.   I myself have spent 30 years researching the Haworth-Howarth-Heyworth roots in Lancashire.   The early Reunions inspired a newsletter “The Haworth Record”, published by Charles Davis in High Point, NC;   41 issues in 4 vols from 1906 to 1915.   These contain a wealth of information contributed by descendants back then, and have been “re-published” on the Haworth Association website; more information follows.


4)      The Reunions were started up again by Ron Haworth and Marilyn Winton Totten, in 1999 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of George the Immigrant’s arrival in Bucks County, PA., and continue to this day.   Given modern technology, we now have a website, two Facebook sites, and a Haworth-Howarth DNA Surname Project  (on the Family Tree DNA website


5)      You will hear more about these in a moment.    Anyone can join the Haworth Association simply by asking to be on our mailing list.   There are no dues.



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