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James, Son of Geoge, the Immigrant and James Jr., Son of James, "The Pioneer"

by Marilyn Totten

James, (1719 Ė 1757)

Early Life

James was born 11 October 1719,  in Solebury Township, Bucks County, PA.  He was born in his parentís cabin on the Scarborough farm, the sixth child of George and Sarah, 4th (living) son.  At age 3, the family moved to Georgeís land; but sadly he died only 3 years later.  George and Sarah were founder members of Buckingham Friends Meeting in Buckingham Township, and it is believed he is buried there.  Upon Sarahís death, James inherited 62 acres.  His mother remarried to Matthew Hall who raised his young stepchildren. 

Moving to VA

In 1739, age 20, James and brother John, left for the Shenandoah Valley of VA.  Many Quakers had already gone, including their uncle Robert Scarborough and their older brothers Stephanus and Absalom.  He sold his PA land and settled in VA  near his brothers.  In 1752, he bought 227 acres north of Winchester, described as either side of the Great Springs (or Green Springs) Road at the foot of North Mountain.  This is fairly easy to locate on a detailed map.

Marriage and Family Life

Married Sarah Wood, 3 November 1743, Smith River Meeting, Frederick County, VA.  Iím not sure where the date came from, as all records of Smith Creek Meeting were destroyed.  Sarah was 23 and James was 24, if the marriage date is correct.

Sarah Wood born 11 November 1720, probably in Frederick County, VA.   She probably belonged to Smith Creek Meeting as did Jamesís brothers.   There are a few records of a Richard Wood in the area; it seems likely he was Sarahís father, and she and James named their first son Richard Ė and this is a name not found previously in the Haworth families of previous generations.

James and Sarah were members of Hopewell Friends Meeting, which was closer to his land. 

They had 7 children; 6 lived to adulthood.  Five of them are represented here today:  Richard, Jemima, George, James, and Sarah.  In this group, our ancestor is James (Jr.) the third son.  The children were:

1.  Richard, born 1745

2. Jemima, born 1747

3. George, born 1749

4. JAMES, born 1752

5. Sarah, born 1755 

James died  1757, age 38, near Hopewell, Frederick County, VA.  He was away from home, perhaps hunting.  He is probably buried at Hopewell Friends Meeting. Sarah was left with six children ages 2-13.   The records of Hopewell Meeting show that they were driven off their land before Jamesís death, lost 12 head of cattle but saved their household goods and some stock.   Sarah was awarded 3 pounds from Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting, in aid.   She remarried in 1759, and in 1768, moved with the children (except Richard) to Bush River Friends Meeting in SC, as many Quakers did. She died 20 June 1769, age 48, Newberry County, South Carolina, and is buried in the Bush River Friends Burial Ground. All of her children eventually left SC.  

George, James, and Elizabeth left for North Carolina/Tennessee soon after; her daughters, Jemima and Sarah, married there, and eventually joined some of their siblings in Ohio.

James Jr , "The Pioneer"  

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