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 George, son of James, son of George the Immigrant:  George of Quaker Point by Sharon Castle


Early Life in VA

To recap:  George was born 28 December 1749, in Frederick County, VA, 4th child of James and Sarah. We already know that he was born in VA, lost his father around age 8, gained a stepfather, and moved with his family at age 19 to SC.  He left soon after his mother’s death, going back north to the NC/VA border. It appears that he and his brother James, who were very close, wandered around the area for several years.  They may have explored a bit with Daniel Boone.

Marriage and Family Life

In November 1773, George, age 24, married Susannah Dillon, age 18, at Hopewell (VA) Friends Meeting. Susannah Dillon was born 24 November, 1755, in Winchester, VA.

George and Susannah had 10 children: Mahlon, John, James, George, William, Mary, Sarah, Richard, Samuel, and Dillon.  Which of these are yours?  Mine are James and Richard.

Moving to Tennessee

In 1784, George and his family moved on packhorses to Green County, TN.   All of his siblings except Jemimah, eventually did as well. He made his first land purchase of 300 acres. He was a successful cattle famer and merchant. They were founding members of the Hopewell (TN) Friends Meeting.

Moving to Ohio

In 1804, George moved his family in wagons to Ohio, along with brother James and sister Sarah Wright and families.  Sister Jemima joined later. They crossed the river at Cincinnati, a town of 18 houses.  He bought 1,750 acres near present-day Wilmington. They were charter members of Center Friends Meeting.  Susannah died a year later at age 48, and was the first adult buried at Center Friends Burial Ground. Three years later, George married Joanna Vanhorn, a Quaker widow. He became an influential Quaker minister.

Moving to the Illiana Prairie

The Haworth migration to the Illiana Prairie began in 1820. To Quaker Point, Indiana and Vermilion, Illinois.  Eight of George’s children moved there; 5 eventually moved on to Iowa.  Any of your folks to Indiana? Illinois?  Iowa?  In 1825, George and Joanna moved with his son Dillon to Quaker Point and lived in a cabin on Dillon’s farm.  “George of Quaker Point.”  Founding member of Hopewell (IN) Friends Meeting. Lived the rest of his life there.

Death and Legacy

George died 4 October 1837, age 87, Quaker Point, Vermillion County, IN. Buried Old Hopewell Friends Burial Ground.  What a life he had lived!

Jemima Haworth Wright, by Sharon Castle

Born 1745, Frederick County, VA.  Lost father in 1757.  Moved with mother, stepfather, and siblings to Bush Creek, SC in 1768.    There, she married John Wright in October, 1768.  Had at least one child, Jesse (male), 1769.  Moved with her family to western Ohio near brothers George and James after 1804.  Died in Ohio in 1828


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