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Why Haworth Reunion by Jessie Haworth

As far as is now known, with but few exceptions, the HAWORTH family of America sprang from one ancestor, George, called "George the [I]migrant", who came to America in 1699.

The mission as stated on the Haworth Association of America web page, from where all this information is gleaned is: To provide a connection with our rich past history, so that we can all share Haworth (or Hayworth, Howarth, or Howard) family information.

We are not concerned about how you spell or pronounce our great family name.

You are encouraged to submit your family information. 

The First National Reunion of the Haworth Family of the United States of America, was Assembled at Plainfield, Hendricks County, Indiana, September 21st 1899. Credit of the revival of interest in the family history should be given to Rev. William Perry Haworth, who gives as the purpose of the Association hosting reunions:

"There were two objects in my mind in calling together this Association. The first object was to celebrate the event of the landing of the [I]migrant, George Haworth, in 1699, who came to America soon after William Penn. The other object is to put on foot influences that shall be for the good of the Family out of which, to my mind, if properly managed, may grow great good, perhaps to unborn generations. This latter was the prime object of the Association. So we are here for these two purposes, for the celebration of the landing of the Imigrant, and to build up everything that is good and right in connection with our family."

The Haworth Association of America gatherings continued on a three year schedule until 1911. After that date, we loose track of any further national reunions (until 1999, on a 3-5 year schedule), although regional groups met very often and continue to this day.

 -          August  1902 - Kansas City, Missouri

-          Sept. 1905 - Ackworth Academy, Ackworth, Iowa

-          August  1907 - The Fourth Triennial Meeting of the Haworth National Association, the Friends Church, Indianola, Iowa

-          1910 Reunion Minutes & all other information are missing

-          After a span of 89 years, June, 1999 saw the 300 year celebration in Kansas City, MO!

-          The idea to celebrate the 300th year, began around 1995 when Ron Haworth Sr & Jr, & Marilyn Winton were conversing on a Quaker Bulletin Board. The planning committee for that event consisted of Loran & Susan Haworth, Wendell Haworth, Leona Haworth Field, Mark & Will Haworth, & Kathy Mills.
The Haworth Association of America was re-formed at the 300 year celebration in June of 1999.

-           About 225 people from 27 states attended the event. A number of committees were formed, including Cookbook, Reunion, & Research. The Reunion Committee voted to continue a reunion schedule, and selected a five year cycle with the next reunion to be held on the last weekend of July, year 2004.

-          June  2004 - Winchester, Virginia

-          2009 - Portland, Oregon

-          June  2013 - 314th year anniversary family reunion celebration was held at Fishers, Indiana

-          June  2017 - Greensboro, North Carolina

-          June 19, 2021 - Virtual Reunion

-          2022 - Bucks Co, Pennsylvania - planning continues- year 323


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