Haworth Association of America

314th Year Reunion Celebration


1.   Reunion. The 314th reunion was very successful based on all accounts.  The reunion schedule and presentations were conducted as shown in the agenda  (click here to link).  

2.   Thanks.  Special thanks were given to;

 Bill Haworth for setting up the local accommodations,  banquet center, and the visit to Conner Prairie,

Ron Haworth for (his pre-visit with Bill in 2011) and managing the website and his work on the presentations,

Susan Haworth for her tireless work on the agenda, paying the bills (financial)  and keeping the reunion in the red and her personal contact with each attendee,

Jim Johnson for the beautiful flower arrangements (click here to see pictures of flowers),

Fay Haworth and Dottie Evett for conducting the silent auction,

Loran Haworth for keeping presenters on track as MC and conducting the business meeting and to  all presenters (as shown on the agenda). 

And a special thanks to the reunion committee which included Ron, Susan, Wes, Maureen, Betty, Bill, Liz Vause and Loran.

3.  Business Meeting.

a.       Silent auction. The silent auction was a major success since $1,600 was collected for use toward the next reunion.   All donations were appreciated.   (We now have $1,802 towards the 2017 reunion start up expenses).

b.      Sign up.  Everyone was reminded about signing up with Carol Udel-Rodriguez for a copy of the civil war diary of David Haworth, about contacting Marilyn Winton Totten regarding her forthcoming book “Haworth Roots in Rossendale” and about signing up for a copy of cook books (that include Haworth stories) with Sue Haworth.

c.       Next reunion.   Attendees voted that the next reunion should take place in 4 years.  Suggestions were made recommending that the next reunion be held in Branson, Missouri since it is central, attendees may be interested in local attractions and would be of interest for more families to attend.    Another suggestion is to hold the reunion in the Carolinas because of family history associated with that area.  Attendees were encouraged to volunteer for the next reunion since the present reunion committee has been involved in organizing the previous three reunions and we are not  getting  any younger.   Carl and Janet Haworth indicated a strong interest in heading up the next reunion committee. Hugh and Luba Haworth also agreed to participate.   Sue Haworth can still do the registration if needed.   Liz Vause will continue to update the roster as needed.    Gary Haworth and Rene’ Sistrunk also are interested in helping where they can.

d.      Web maintenance and updating.  Hugh, Wendell and Wes volunteered to support Ron and in web maintenance and updating for www.haworthassociation.org.   The Haworth association web base now presents the work of Ron, Carol Ford and many other Haworth relatives that  have invested 1000s of man hours (and expense)in providing Haworth information via digitized Haworth records and data.  Given this large investment, it is important that the website and its data be accessible and maintained if something happened to Ron or any one individual.

e.      Wendell volunteered to find out about digitizing the seven volumes of the Haworth/Scarborough family.  This is a huge endeavor and represents the future web access of Haworth genealogy found in those volumes by other members of the family

f.        There was talk of a Facebook page for the association and Carl and Jessie were going to ask a grandson to help with that -  (it has been done).

g.   Sue Haworth will start compiling a 2013 reunion cookbook with an email to the roster asking for recipes, photos and stories. (it has been done).  

Respectively submitted;  Reunion Committee