2009 Reunion

Committee Reports

Planning Committee Minutes,  JULY 12, 2009

Members present

Loran Haworth, Judy (McDavitt) Lewis,  Dale Keller, Chuck Lintvedt, Laura Rutherford, John Rutherford, William R. "Bill" Haworth, Jeannie Haworth, Larry Haworth, Deanna Haworth, Joseph Heinrich, and Elizabeth (Haworth) Vause, recorder.

Each member reviewed their information on the Roster. 

Discussed possible locations for next reunion -- Indianapolis, IN; Omaha, NE; Bucks County, PA. 

Agreed on Indianapolis, IN 

Good areas to visit in Indianapolis area:

Plainfield, IN; Connor Prairie, IN; Vermilion Counties; Quaker Library, Underground Railroad sites, and Earlhan College in Richmond, IN

Route Quakers took became National Road, then US 40. 

Decided: June would be a good month.

William R. "Bill" Haworth will be chairman of the local arrangements subcommittee with John Rutherford, and others who will be added later, to help with the ground work for the meeting. 

John Rutherford will locate all Quaker meetings in the area.

Good News Busline works with special groups.

Agenda is the responsibility of our Committee.  Agenda items suggested: 

    John Rutherford will present a talk on "Why to Indiana"

    A DNA update will be presented.

    A presentation of "firsts" by Haworths 

When contracting with a hotel, copy machines are mandatory, good food, and a hospitality room. 

A copy of the Shilo Inn contract will be provided to Bill Haworth, to be used as a guide 

One person in each state should work to find Haworths in that state. 

It was suggested that we have a directory of members including a photo for each name; photo to be taken when information packet picked up. 

Also suggested that the information packet contain a roster of those registered.

And that name places be used in order to "mix" us up. 

After the Committee meetings ceased, it was decided, by vote of those present, to have the next meeting in 4 years, rather than 5.


Get Connected Committee (& Preserving the Data) Minutes     July 12, 2009 

 People at the meeting on July 12, 2009 during the Haworth Association National Meeting for the 310th anniversary of George Haworth's arrival:  Ron Haworth (haworth@msn.com (360) 757-8055 (fax 757-8097); Carol Ford (candjford1@verizon.net (301) 271-7608); ArJean Myers (arjean7@msn.com (208) 233-0153); Wendell Haworth (whaworth@cox.net (402) 291-3956); Beth Haworth (beth@dwinsider.com (719) 576-0911); Joan Haworth (cjhaworth@earthlink.net (850) 321-8013).

 Objectives: to facilitate connecting with all members of the Haworth clan and to collect, preserve and make available historical documents relating to Haworth family members and genealogy, and provide a regular update to all Haworth Association family members of activities and news of interest.

 We determined that the best way to facilitate connections among individuals is to develop the social networking that Beth Haworth described on Saturday.  Therefore, we urge everyone to contact Beth at (719) 567-0911 or beth@dwsinsider.com to obtain assistance in setting up our profiles.

 We determined that there is a need to have a routine way to digitize and make available in the website research and other historical materials of interest to the Haworth family members.  Wendell Haworth agreed to receive those documents and work out a method to scan them so that they are searchable and can be loaded into our website through Ron Haworth.  Therefore, contact Wendell at (402) 291-3956 or whaworth@cox.net (copy Ron Haworth at haworth@msn.com  and Joan Haworth at cjhaworth@earthlink.net ) to tell him what you have and work out the details of transmitting your notebooks, research, documents, historical photos, etc. to the website.

 We determined that a newsletter reporting current activities might be useful.  We already have NEWS in the website but the thought is that the newsletter might be focused on the newest, most relevant activities, insights and findings.  Contact ArJean Myers (208) 233-0153 or  ArJean7@msn.com  with material for the newsletters and requests for a paper copy of the newsletters.

 We determined that we should continue to transcribe the relevant historical information on genealogy from the  Some Quaker Families volumes 1 - 7 that Carol Ford has been doing.  She will continue to work with Ron on these transcriptions so they can be loaded into the genealogy database.  If you know of something in these volumes that needs correcting please contact Carol at candjford1@verizon.net or Ron Haworth at haworth@msn.com .  You may also call Carol at (301) 271-7608 or Ron at 360-757-8055.

Keeping our genealogical database up to date depends upon input from all of the Haworths so please send all updates to Ron Haworth at haworth@msn.com or Joan Haworth at cjhaworth@earthlink.net so that the material can be added to our genealogy in the website.

 We would like to create and maintain a list of all documents and historical records any Haworth family member has that are not currently in the website and the location and owner of these documents.  Therefore, please contact Joan Haworth (cjhaworth@earthlink.net or 850-321-8013) or Ron Haworth and give them a description of what you have so we can begin to create that list.

 We also determined that the website needed to have some explicit standards and may need some updated web design.  Beth and Ron are going to work on those standards and possible re-designs. 

 We need additional people to assist us in these endeavors.  Those with web design experience are extremely welcome.  People who wish to help Wendell with scanning and recording documents and research we receive are very useful.  Anyone who can work on the newsletter or assist in sending out mailings by email and snail mail is also very welcome.  Contact Joan Haworth, Ron Haworth or any member of the committee.


Research Committee -  The research committee did not submit a report.


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