Haworth Migration To Oregon

By Dale Haworth Keller

My Family Line

At the conclusion of my short presentation, each of you will receive a (31) page booklet that will show all of the data I have collected. My sources include; Archive Sections of the Newberg Friends Church and George Fox University, Newspaper Clippings, Numerous Funeral Homes and Cemeteries, Oregon Pioneer Cemeteries, Internet, State Archives in Salem Oregon, Clackamas County Archives in Oregon City and some personal family information.


In the 1870's William Hobson, a Quaker Minister from Iowa began preaching in the area and since most  Haworth's were Quakers, he probably had a lot of influence on people migrating to the Newberg area.

  #1             William Hobson

By 1887 the population of Newberg was 200, it later became a city and by 1900 it had grown to a population of 850 people.

  #2       Main Street Newberg, 1892

  #3       Funeral Procession, 1906

  #4       City of Newberg Sign, 2009

Early 1900's connection to Newberg Friends Church

There were ten (10) Haworth families quite active in the early history of the church. Other active descendents were Henry Mills, Jessie Mills, Seth Mills, Laura Minthorn, Hinshaw, Hester and Kaufman, just to name a few.

  #5   Original Church Building,1890's, without Brick

  #6   Church Building with Brick

  #7   Church Building 2009

  #8   Church Pulpit 2009

Early connection to George Fox University

The earliest Haworth connected to Geo Fox was Lindley Haworth in 1891 when he and 13 other people pledged money to help Pacific College get started. Between 1891 and thru  1950, there were 21 Haworth's active in the school as well as other descendents,  ie; Mills, Rees, Hestor, Hinshaw, Kaufman, Miles, and Ankeny again, just to name a few.

  #9  Minthorn Hall, 1st Building at Geo Fox, moved to site 1892

  #10 Clock Tower & Campus, 2009

  #11  Friends Archives Section, located inside the Geo Fox University, 2009

Friends Pioneer Cemetery Newberg Oregon


The Newberg Pioneer Cemetery was established in 1879 and today there are over 6000 people buried at that location. I located twelve (12) Haworth's buried in the cemetery, the oldest one  was Enoch M Haworth, born in 1840 in Howard County, Indiana. Enoch served in the Civil War and his headstone gives that recognition.

  #12  Pioneer Cemetery Entrance Sign

  #13  Enoch Haworth, Headstone & Civil War Marker

Death Certificates on file at State Archives Salem Oregon

I located and printed twenty four (24) Death Certificates of Haworth's, all but one being born in the 1800's and Enoch of course being the oldest. I have traced the Haworth Line on most of these (24) names, back to George the Immigrant as shown in the picture

  #14 Picture of page one from the booklet to show example of tracing the Haworth line.

State Death Index, Cemetery and Funeral Home Records


  #15  Pleasant Home Pioneer Cemetery Sign

  #16  Elizabeth C Haworth born 1812

Other Pioneer Cemeteries

  #17  Brainard Pioneer Cemetery located in East Portland

  #18  Cliff Side Pioneer Cemetery located in the Hills East of    Sandy Oregon


The "Haworth Name" associated with Newberg today

  #19  Haworth Apartments

  #20  Haworth Avenue

Conclusion and Closing Statement

  #21 The "Haworth Record" Published in 1906 in High Point North Carolina.

   #22  Hand written notes from Lindley Haworth to my grandfather, Eli Joseph Haworth in the teens.

   #23  A duplicate of the hand written notes by Lindley Haworth.

Take note at the bottom of the page where someone wrote "we ought to try and have a reunion".  Here we are today, 103 years later and we are finally having that long awaited reunion in the Portland area.

We will now distribute to each family a 31 page booklet that you can read at your leisure. The information will detail all the data I have collected regarding the early Haworth's migrating to  Newberg Oregon.

Thank You

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