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My most recent visit to Rossendale was in April 2007.

Three days were spent in the Lancashire Record Office.   One further appearance of Isabel Haworth.

An expert on manorial court records called in to help.

Meeting with Milton Ormerod's daughter and a look at some of his papers  (he wrote "The Ormerod Family"; they were the landholders at Gambleside, George's birthplace).   Gambleside covers a large area of moorland farms.


My tour of further "Haworth sites" in Rossendale.



1) Hapton Hall Farm.  This is the "Hapton Hall" leased by George's brother James Haworth, for many years, beginning in 1705.    Isabel _____ Haworth Ormerod died here in 1707.

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2)  Windibank Farm, and views down the Rossendale valley from there and high up on the Gambleside area. 

 6      7     8        9      10  


3)  Looking across the Gambleside moors from Windibank and the trail leading over to Gambleside hamlet ruins.    Views of the hamlet ruins.

11     11a    12     13  


4)   St. James Church, Haslingden high on its hill above the road below to the WNW.   George Haworth was baptized here 10 Sept 1676, son of "James Haworth of Gambleside."

14     15     16 


5) Farm called "Bottomley Bank" (probably dating from 1500's), just east from Goodshaw village.  George Haworth, a famous Quaker of Rossendale, lived here in the late 1600's.   Probably a relative.

17   18     19     20     21    22 


6) Another ancient farm,  near Hapton, called "High Ryley".   Our ancestors lived in stone farmhouses like these.

23   24  


7)  The original farmhouse at Tunstead, near Newchurch-in-Rossendale.   There were Haworths at Tunstead in the 1600's, and this branch is also being investigated.

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