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    Family Tree was the idea of William Perry Haworth - His direct line

1899 - Tree was started at 200 year reunion in 1899, finished at 1907 reunion.

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My father viewed it, or part of it in 1930, when he visited Lindley Murray Haworth, in Newberg OR.


Haworth Record:  Published in 1906 to 1915

          Davis   Volume 1, Issue 1

          Undated 88 page summary


"George Haworth And Some Of His Descendants", by James R. Haworth".  Some of the information in the little book is inaccurate. 

The book does contain the "George" letters, as well as the Caleb and Wilson letters. 

It was printed in 1941.


"Some Quaker Families - Scarborough/Haworth": Published in 1991 to 1997



Data Base at 300 Year Reunion (1999): 

        5,508 individuals, posted names to about page 100 of the text.

Data Base at 305 Year Reunion(2004): 

        8,334 individuals, posted names to about page 500 of the text.

        Introduce Carol Ford. 

Current Status:   

Data Base at 310 Year Reunion:

        87,900+ individuals, posted names to  page 2400 of the text.

        We have the largest Haworth data source on the Internet: Rootsweb 

        We recently included  John Haworth, immigrant of 1769.


Future Plans:

Record all the names in Some Quaker Families

Record corrections and additions.

Update the Rootsweb web page.

Include family ties in England, to include Wilson Haworth.



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