The purpose of the Research Committee is four-fold:


1.  To continue research in original source documents in Lancashire: to correct and extend information on the family line and background of George Haworth the Emigrant.  It follows that any and all researchers in this area should ideally first contact this committee chairman to see what records have already been examined, so as to avoid wasted time, effort and money.


2.  To continue to liaise with Stephen Howarth on the Y-DNA Haworth/Howarth surname project.


3.  To provide assistance to those who enquire about their Haworth/Hayworth/Howarth lines: whether or not the goal is to connect to George Haworth the Emigrant, and whether in the U.S. or in Europe.

The aim is to find facts in original documents that will set the enquirer on the right research path.

 4.   To continue research in original source documents that will enhance the accuracy and completeness of the information in “Some Quaker Families”.

Volunteers are welcome, especially those who could help with the many enquiries received via our website, and who have access to the major online resources (census records;; “Some Quaker Families“).  The chairman proposes that she keep a roster of those volunteers, to consult when an enquiry is forwarded to her by the webmaster.

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