The Haworth Association of America

Prior Reunions - 1905

Denise Gripp, Vice President of the Iowa Genealogical Society writes:   The picture is labeled, "Haworth Reunion, Sept. 28, 1905", and looks to have been taken in the yard of the Ackworth Academy, Ackworth, IA.   It was found in a Roger Boone scrapbook housed at the Warren County Historical Museum.  And in October, 2010, Cris, at the Warren County Historical Museum agreed to re-scan the picture and send it to us.

Denise was especially intrigued at the child in the foreground, and what may be a "sun parasol".

Click on the thumbnail, to see the second picture that Cris sent to us.

Editor's Note:  These are the only documents that we have, pertaining to this reunion.  We thank Denise and Cris, for sending these pictures.  


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