Doris Haworth-Harder and Will Haworth's Family Bible Photos

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Lee Witt write:

Does anyone know the identity of these Haworth's? 
The photographs came from the bible belonging to Doris Haworth Harder and her brother Will Haworth.
None of the photographs are labeled.
Doris and Will don't know who they might be, except that they are members of their family line.  

The bible has been passed down starting with Benjamin Hill Haworth, then to son Richard Haworth and Mary Hill, then to his son Charles Victor Haworth.
Then, to Charles son Royal Franklin Haworth, then  to Royal's son Niles Edward Haworth (Sr.) and finally  to Niles son, William Royal Haworth.


Will believes that the photo of the child and the woman  may be the wife of James W. Haworth, my Great Grandfather.
The child appears to be a boy.  Will says:
" I have photos of my Great Grandfather's wife Georgia and it is not her, plus they had all daughters.
However, James was married to a Elizabeth before Georgia and she had a son, possible name of Willson Ellerick, from a previous marriage.
I have very little information on Elizabeth."


Will believes that the Civil War photo  is that of  his Great Grandfather,  James Whitesel Hayworth, because the photo was on the same page as another photo that I recognize and know to be James.


Lee Witt


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