Data Base File and History

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The massive written text, "Some Quaker Families - Scarborough/Haworth", was collated by Roger S. Boone, and later edited by Marjorie Morgan.  The text, seven volumes and 4,401 pages, is the most complete listing of our family history yet.  In 1996, we started a project to record every name, with date of birth, death, marriage, plus the place of burial.  In 2003, Carol Ford started posting the data and completed the project in November, 2010.

In summary, our computer file contains  111,933 individuals.      We have updated the Rootsweb file, which you can access by the following link:


Please note that the Rootsweb file has limited access to data of living persons (or with a birthdate after 1924).  Ron Haworth, editor


updated May 11, 2017


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