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Brother of George

The information herein about James was included in letters written by Caleb Haworth, great-grandson of James Haworth, in 1826 and Caleb’s son Wilson Haworth in 1891.   The contents of these two letters have been combined and edited for clarity herein by Don Hayworth.

James Haworth (great-grandfather of Caleb Haworth) and his brother George were both convinced of the principles of Friends when young men. James moved with his mother to Patron Grove, in Hapton. In 1704 he lived at Rileys, in Haberghan Eaves, and in 1705 he leased the estate called Hapton Hall for 37 pounds sterling and several Boons1 during the lives of himself and his two nephews James Shaw and John Collins2.

James’ mother died in 1707 and was buried in the Friend's Burial Ground at Marsden. In 1709 James married Ellen Blakey, of Marsden Meeting, who died the year following, leaving no children. In 1712 he married his cousin Elizabeth, daughter of his Uncle Henry Haworth, by whom he had four children: James, Elizabeth, George and Henry. His son James died as an infant. His daughter Elizabeth married Richard Fort of Hard, near Clitheroe, Lancashire, and had several children.

About 1732 James leased Shuttleworth Hall for the annual sum of 48 pounds sterling and his son George later resided there and became known as “George of Shuttleworth Hall”. He married Martha Rawcliffe, sister of John Rawcliffe, by whom he had nine children: James, John, Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, George, Henry, Jonathan and Susannah.

James third son Henry Haworth (grandfather of Caleb Haworth) resided at Hapton Hall in 1765 when he moved to Harper’s in Pendle Forest. In 1745 he married Elizabeth, daughter of James and Elizabeth Topper, of Northwood, by whom be had three children: Elizabeth, James and George. Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth died unmarried. Son George married first Mary Hewitt by whom he had a son John. He married second Ann Bentley who died without issue.

Henry and Elisabeth Topper Haworth’s son James Haworth (father of Caleb) married Martha Faucett and had four children: Hannah, Charles, Caleb and Lucy. Hannah died young. Charles married Ann Higgin of Burnley by whom he had ten children: James, Henry, Frances, Rebecca, Martha, Elizabeth, Charles, Ellen, Ann, and another whose name is not known. Caleb (the author of the 1826 letter) married first Jane Emery by whom he had two children: Emery and Charlotte. Caleb married second Jane Wilson of Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, in 1861 and they had five children: Martha, Wilson (the author of the 1891 letter), Hannah, Joshua, and Benjamin.


1.       “Boons” is a seldom used word today. It means something beneficial to a specific person, entity, or cause. The “Boons” referred to herein consisted of James promise to “perform three days plowing in seed time, three days mowing and nine days working at the hay in hay-time, and nine days reaping in harvest-time, also that he should keep one dog, either hound or spaniel if required, and if no such dog keeping was required, then the yearly boon of twelve fat hens, if demanded, for and during the natural lives of himself and his two nephews, James Shaw and John Collins.”

2.       James Shaw was the son of James’s sister Susannah Haworth Shaw. John Collins was the son of James sister Sarah Haworth Collins.


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