George's Family as documented in "Some Quaker Families - Scarborough-Haworth"

Editor's Note:  We thought we would display here, how George's family is shown in the text  "Some Quaker Families - Scarborough-Haworth", as collated by Roger Boone.

Pages 5 and 6 of the text show Sarah Scarborough and George Haworth, and lists their eight children.  George and Sarah's first child, a son, died in infancy.  Their third child, Rachel V. Haworth, was born  in 1716 and  died young.

Pages 11 through 15 show the six children, and their children.     

The number that is shown to the left of the name, represents the sequence of that name in the written text.  i.e, Sarah is 7th listed name in the text.

Please note that the original text indicates that George was the son of "James and Isabel Haworth of Rockcliff".  

Marilyn Winton Totten has since discovered (by comparing wills) that this is incorrect.  She has proven that James and Isabel Haworth were from the hamlet  and area of Gambleside in the northern part of Rossendale, near Dunnockshaw.  I have written in the name of Gambleside on the text.


Three of George's sons, (Absalom, George, and James) were registered in the Virginia militia under the surname of  "Howard".

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