William Perry and Abigail (Chawner) Haworth

Editor's Notes:  The family history of William Perry  and Abigail (Chawner) Haworth are described in a book written by their grandson, Gerald  Wood and his wife Helen Haworth Wood.  (Both Gerald and Helen descend from George Haworth.)  The book was directed  to their grandchildren and was started in 1969 and completed in January 1978.

The  book has been transcribed for this web page by Larry D. Parish, who has possession of one of the original copies of the book.   Mr. Parish describes the book as loose leaf , 8.5 "x 11"  and protectively bound  together.  Mr. Parish is a descendent  of William Perry Haworth  through Homer H. Haworth/Minnie Jane Walton, Abigail C. Haworth/Elmer Parish, then Kenneth Parish/Evelyn Donald. Larry Parish obtained his copy of the book from his grandmother, "Abbie" (Haworth) Parish.

 The book  is also referenced in "Some Quaker Families - Scarborough/Haworth" on page 669 Volume I (which was published in 1991).

We know much about William Perry Haworth, including the fact that he hosted the 1899 and 1904 national Haworth reunion celebrations.  The accounts from these reunions, and a picture of William Perry Haworth are shown on this web site, starting at:  Reunions/1899Pic.htm

Also note that Gerald and Helen Wood reference a meeting with Jessie Haworth Barlow, in the 1960s.  Jessie passed away in 1999, and we have dedicated a number of web pages to the life of Jessie.  These can be found at:   England - Ian Family

Please also note that  copies of the various historic George Haworth letters, maps, and other family documents included in the Gerald and Helen Wood book, also appear on other pages of  our web site.  Further, that later history has updated some of the facts present in the "Wood" book.

Missing Pages  Larry Parish writes that three pages are missing from his copy of the book:  pages 2, 48 and 61.

"The first page that is missing is page 2 of  "OUR TRIP TO HAWORTH LAND" , An account of a day in July 1970 By Helen Fe Haworth Jones' .  And that page 48, covering  a period of  approximately 17 years from 1887 to 1904 is missing.  Page 61 is also missing.  I would appreciate a copy of them."

Larry Parish, however, obtained a copy of this book from the  Family History Center and found that many of the pages were in a different sequence.  Also included in the  Family History Center file were copies of the George Haworth letters that appear in the James R. Haworth book, and copies of  pages from the 1899 and  1902 national Haworth reunions.

Please also note that the editor has inserted the comment "restricted"  after the names of all living persons that were listed in the book.  Please write the editor  for further information regarding these "living" persons.

For ease in opening  (downloading) the pages of this book, we have separated it into smaller pieces for web page viewing.  We have also used thumbnail pictures (which expand to larger pictures) of  documents that are best  viewed in their original state.   Mr. Parish hopes that you enjoy the book as much as he has enjoyed preparing it for viewing.

Editor, Ron Haworth


Haworth, A Book Written By Gerald And Helen Wood.

A Brief Account Concerning The Lives Of

 William Perry And Abigail Chawner Haworth

And Directed To Their Grandchildren

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