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John Hodson Starbuck & Lydia Maude Haworth

Editor's Notes: These pictures are contributed by Mr. Kieth McLain, of Fairview Oklahoma.  Mr. McLain is the great grandson of Lydia Maude Haworth.

Lydia Maude Haworth married John Hodson Starbuck.

The family ancestors  of Lydia Maude Haworth are as follows:

Lydia Maude Haworth (#1512 SQF), Daughter of

John Haines Haworth and Jane Lacy, Son of

Samuel Haworth and Hannah Haines, Son of

George H. Haworth and Susannah Dillon, Son of

James Haworth and Sarah Wood, Son of

George Haworth and Sarah Scarborough


John Haines Haworth moved from Vermilion County, Illinois to Warren County Iowa, and then to Nashville, Ohlahoma.

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Lydia Maude Haworth - a 1887 tin type picture  

 John Hodson -about 20 years old  

John and Lydia - about 1889        

 John in 1922    Lydia at 89 years  

 Final Resting Place - Rosehill Cemetery, Laverne OK  

Lydia Maude Haworth - 1858 to 1957


Lydia Maude (Haworth) Starbuck, was born in Washington, Warren County, Iowa on September 21, 1858 to John Haines Haworth and Jane (Lacy) Haworth.

Lydia assumed adult responsibilities upon the death of her mother on January 1, 1872 at the age of 13 years 3 months and 11 days leaving her to take care of her younger brothers and sisters.


Lydia married John Hodson Starbuck the son of Isaac Starbuck and Rachael (Hodson) Starbuck on January 1, 1881.  This couple homesteaded in Rooks County, Kansas then moving to Missouri in 1889, then to Cherokee County, Kansas and back to Ackworth, Iowa.


John Haines Haworth and family (with his 2nd wife Maria Forman) pioneered in Grant County, Oklahoma in 1898.  The family of John

Hodson Starbuck and Lydia Maude (Haworth) Starbuck also accompanied this family in this endeavor later moving to Harper County,

Oklahoma in 1909 and settled on a farm nine miles northeast of Laverne, Oklahoma. (near the community of Stockholm)


Lydia continued her responsibilities of housekeeping, taking care of her orchard, and some farm items until after her 90th birthday.  She

was bedfast the last six years of her life and stayed with her son, A. D. Starbuck, who lived on a farm just north of her homestead.   She was

a life-long member of the Friends Church and a graduate from Friends Academy in Ackworth, Iowa.


John Hodson Starbuck lost his eyesight in one eye early in life by a nail while building a house.  He lost the site in the remaining eye when his

pet cow's horn accidentally put it out in 1922.  John died on November 24, 1924 at the age of 66 years 7 months and 24 days.


Lydia died on June 4, 1957 at the age of 98 years, 8 months and 14 days, being the oldest citizen of Harper County, Oklahoma.  She had

two sons; A.D. Starbuck of Laverne, Oklahoma, Fred H. Starbuck of Nucla, Colorado and a daughter, Chloie (Starbuck) Wilson of Alva, Oklahoma.

At the time of her death she had 19 grandchildren, 55 great grandchildren, 19 great-great grandchildren.


Lydia and John are buried together at Rose Hill cemetery, Northeast of Laverne, Harper County, Oklahoma.


Here are some of Lydia's  favorite sayings:

 "The good you do to others will always be returned ten-fold",

 "The bad you do, never leaves thee",

 "You'll always find what thee seek, be sure what you want before thee asks", and

 "Look up and thee will always see the light, no matter how dark the day".



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