Haworth Association of America

Emerson Hayworth Family

Story:  We have four portrait quality pictures, taken in the 1920s.  We believe that this family lived in Mamaroneck, Westchester, New York, and that their names are:

Helen Heyworth, mother

Elizabeth Heyworth, daughter

Emerson Hayworth, Jr., son

Mary Bordash, (or Bordash), an aunt named, who lived with the family.

Their ages in the 1930 census were 36, 10, 6, and 76

They were friends of Olive and Helen Snow of Norwalk CT, and were wealthy by most standards.  They sailed twice on the Mauritania, and their names appear often on other ships in the twenties and thirties. 

In the picture taken on a large ship, the little girl in the wheelchair may have died shortly after the picture was taken. The senior Emerson Heyworth died in 1966, in Florida.  We would like to return the pictures to the family.

 #1   Picture on ship

 #2   Mother, son and daughter

 #3   Mother and daughter

 #4   Young lady

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