Elnora Haworth Van Patten

(Elnora Haworth Burgess)

Editor's notes:  We know that the reference to Daniel Boone  in this paper is incorrect ( he did not travel from Ohio to Kentucky).    Also, Elnora's Haworth ancestry was not as she writes.  She writes that her ancestry was  Jeremiah (her father), Samuel, John, James, then George.  The reference to John is incorrect (James did not have a son named John).  It should be George H. Haworth, son of James, instead of John.   And, Samuel was the 9th child of George Haworth and Susannah Dillon.  He was born near Greenville, TN on 19 March 1797, and died on 7 April 1868 at  Ackworth, Warren County, IA.  And finally, we have Elnora listed in our computer data base as Hannah Elnora Haworth.

Never the less, the descriptions of life and family history is very interesting to read. This five page paper was submitted by her great  nephew,  Peter  Van De Verg.  Peter remarks that "Elnora is my great-great-aunt on my mother' side, Elnora Van Patten.  She shows up on your website as being on the board of directors for the 1905 reunion as Elnora Haworth Burgess".

Ron Haworth, Editor 

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