Congressman Donald Hayworth

This 1962 picture shows President Kennedy and Congressman Donald Hayworth.

The following article, dated March 1982, was written by David Waywire, Journal political writer, Flint Journal.

     "From the corn fields of Iowa to the classrooms of Michigan State University to the corridors of Congress, Donald Hayworth impressed people with his integrity and hard work.

     Hayworth, who in 1954 was elected to the U.S. House from Michigan's 6th Congressional District, died in Washington on Thursday.  He was 84.

     ...Hayworth was born in Toledo, Iowa, and attended Grinnell College.  He received a master's degree in international relations from the University of Chicago, and a doctorate in speech from the University of Wisconsin.

     He headed the speech department at MSU  from 1937 until 1942, having already headed similar departments at Penn College in Iowa and the University of Akron.  In 1942, he took charge of speakers' activities in the Office of Civilian Defense in Washington.

     He returned to MSU in 1944 and also after his term in Congress.  

     In 1963, Hayworth became a consultant to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Social Security Administration until he retired in 1967.

     Hayworth and his wife, Frances, decided to stay in Washington, and he spent much of his time buying and refurbishing old houses in the city, researching issues for Congressman Kildee's office (D-Flint), and visiting the Library of Congress every afternoon.

     Frances Hayworth said her husband was researching a book on materialistic philosophy that was to be published soon.  He was walking, she said, when he collapsed and died, apparently of a heart attack.

     He leaves his wife, three daughters; Donna Hill of Laurel, MD, Francene Polidori of Dearborn MI, and Barbara Hayworth of Ann Arbor MI, and eight grandchildren."

     His daughter, Barbara Hayworth, writes that father was home schooled by his mother and sent off to college at the age of 16.  He also had a plastics business and was an inventor of many home products.  In 1918, he took a steam freighter to Japan and this was the start of his world travels.  In 1934, he honeymooned in Europe with his bride.  They stayed in Bavaria and he early-on commented about the dangers of Hitler.      Barbara Hayworth also adds that she believes that her father started using the "y" in his name in the 1930s.

Editor's comments:  

(1) All of the daughters; Barbara Hayworth, Donna Hill, and Francene Polidori, attended the 300 year reunion celebration, in June of 1999.  Also attending was Carmen Cravey, who's father was James Kenneth Haworth, brother of the congressman.

(2) The direct line ancestors of Congressman Hayworth are as follows:

Charles Leroy Haworth/Mae Wilkinson

James Haworth/Agnes Hamburg

Levi H. Haworth/Phebe Haworth (see* below)

James M. Haworth/Mary Rees

James Haworth/Sarah Woods, and 

George Haworth/Sarah Scarborough.


*Phebe Haworth's parents were:

Solomon Haworth/Parthena Williams

Stephanus Haworth/Elizabeth Shepard

Stephanus Haworth/Rachel Beeson

George Haworth/Sarah Scarborough


Ron Haworth, editor. 

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