Hayworth Branch of Hood County Texas

Hayworths of Hood County

The family history of this family can be traced back to George, the immigrant.

Family History:

George Haworth and Sarah Scarborough. (Ref. #7, page 5, Some Quaker Families, SQF)

George Haworth, born 1676, arrived in Buckingham, PA in 1699. He married Sarah Scarborough, born 2 March 1694, on September 28, 1710.

Stephanus Haworth and Rachel Beeson. (Ref. #14, page 11, SQF)

Stephanus was born 17 February 1713, in Buckingham, PA and died 1 September 1756, Guilford County, NC,

He married Rachel Beeson, born 1724, in 1740 at Frederick County, VA. Rachel Beeson died 19 march 1775. The family moved from Frederick County in about 1763 to Rich Valley Creek, Guilford County NC.

Micajah Haworth and Mary McCurry. (Ref. #47, page 29, SQF)

Micajah was born 18 November 1743, near Hopewell, Frederick County VA and died 29 June 1822, Davidson County, NC, south of High Point NC. He married Mary McCurry, born 5 November 1747, on about 1763. They lived about 3 miles from the present High Point, NC.

Josiah Haworth and Rebecca Towmey. (Ref. #157, page 99, SQF)

Josiah was born 8 February 1779, Davidson County, NC and died 29 January 1863, same county.

He married Rebecca Towmey, on 24 April 1804, Davidson County, NC. They lived on Lexington road, just outside of High Point NC.

Absalom Haworth and Sarah Davis. (Ref. #454, page 300, SQF)

Absalom was born 14 September 1805, High Point NC and died in 1863 as a result of "bushwackers" in Taney County, MO during the civil war. He married Sarah Davis, born in about 1807, on 1 December 1828, in Guilford County NC. They moved to Taney County, MO, by way of Vigo County, IN.

After the death of Sarah Davis in about 1841 or 1842, Absalom married Mary Stover on 28 November 1847 in Lawrence County MO.

It is noted that one of their sons, Herman Dennis Hayworth, had a "y" to his name.

Allen Haworth and Cordellia Wright. (Ref. #1082, page 811, SQF)

Allen was born in 1834, and died in 1864, Taney County, MO as a result of the civil war.

He married Cordellia Wright in 1858, in Taney County MO. Cordellia Wright died in 1860, Taney County.

John Absalom Hayworth and Sarah Wheeler. (Ref. #2118, page 1399, SQF)

John was born on 3 September 1859, Swain township, in Taney County, MO and died 11 April 1933, at Hood County Texas.

He married Sarah Wheeler, born 20 July 1858, Hunt County TX, on 14 November 1878, in Wise County, TX.

John Williams (Bill) Hayworth and Rosalee Brock. (Ref. #3456B, page 2079, SQF)

John was born 19 April 1882, Mitchell Bend, Hood County TX and died 26 August 1966, Granbury, Hood County TX. He married Rosalee Brock, born 4 February 1884, on 4 August 1901 at Granbury TX. Rosalee died on 19 April 1964, Hood TX.

Raymond Julian Hayworth and Carolyn Ballard. (Ref. # 4757, page 2763, SQF)

Raymond was born 19 July 1912, Hood County TX. He married Carolyn Ballard, born 26 August 1916, Ft. Deposit, AL, on 22 December 1932 in Colorado City, TX.

Ronald Lee Hayworth and Barbara Beard. (Ref. #4757ii, page 2763, SQF)

Ronald was born 18 March 1937 in Oakland CA. He married Barbara Beard on 5 June 1958, McGehee, AR, and they have two children: Ronald Todd Hayworth (born May 15, 1961, in Arkadelphia, AR) and Lee Keven Hayworth (born February 16, 1967, Batesville, AR)

Move to Texas: 

With a $40 gold piece in their possession, John A. Hayworth moved to the banks of the Brazos River with his grandmother, Mary, in 1877. A wagon train had been organized by Mary Stover Hayworth after the civil war had left their homes in disarray. John lived with his grandmother after his father, Allen was killed in the civil war. His grandfather, Absalom, was killed by "bushwhackers" on his farm. Other members of the family that moved to the Brazos River were: John and Emma Moss, Doc Pete and Sarah Stalcup, and Jacob Stover and Sarah Angeline Hayworth.


The family has met every year since 1945 for a reunion to honor John and Sarah Hayworth. As documented in their local papers, the reunions usually draw more than 100 family members. The official host for the 35th reunion, held on June 28-29, 1986 at Big Springs, was the Marcus Lee (Bart) Hayworth family. Other reunions that were described in news articles included 1971, 1988, 1989, and 1990.

(prepared by Ronald Lee Hayworth, New Braunfels, TX, March 2001)

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