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Family Notes

Sylvester and Susan (Lindsay) Haworth


The  history of the Sylvester Haworth family, back to "George", is shown below.

The four sisters: Ivy America, Nettie Hildred, Flora Ellen, and Jessie Rachel

Their were parents:  Sylvester Haworth and Susan Lindsay

The grandparents were:  Mahlon Haworth and Rachel Haworth

Mahlon's parents were James P. Haworth and Rachel Wright (Rachel Wright's mother was Sarah Haworth)

Rachel Haworth's parents were George I. Haworth and Rachel Haworth (Rachel's father was Absalom Haworth, Jr.)

Then, James P. Haworth's parents were George H. Haworth and Susannah Dillon

George H. Haworth's parents were James Haworth and Sarah Wood,

and then James' parents were George Haworth and Sarah Scarborough.


Mr. Laurence Johnson, provided the pictures of this family.  Posted December 2007.


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