The Haworth Association of America

Mahlon Haworth Family Reunion

Haworth Kansas, 1903

Editor's Note:  The photo was submitted by Michael Dyer, who writes: "My 3rd great-grandmother was Iva Elzina Haworth, daughter of George Chalkley Haworth, who is buried in Republic County Kansas.  He was the son of Mahlon S Haworth.  Before settling in Kansas, Mahlom and his family lived in Warren County Iowa.  I received a copy of the attached photo of George's brother Mahlon and his family from the curator at the Republic County Historical Society".

Front row, left to right: Florence Wagener Johnson, Gretta Wagener Wells, Otis Chappelle, Algie Haworth, Grandma Ann Haworth, Grandpa Mahlon Haworth, Ona Wagener, Ora Chappelle, Vesta Hasworth Haugen

Middle row: Tude (?) Chappelle, Mattie Haworth Chappelle, Ruby Chappelle Mockenstock, Edna Chappelle Tiff, Delia Haworth, Bertha Wagener, Winford Wagener, Joy Haworth, Loren Wagener, Clara Rosenkrnaz Haworth (holding the baby Howard Haworth), Lindy Haworth, with son Aeston standing in front of him

Back row: Emma Haworth Wagener, Charlie Wagener, Maude Haworth Ward, Lottie Haworth, Will Haworth

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