Identification Has  Been Accomplished

Judy Roberts writes: This picture was in the possession of Josephine May Haworth (1882 - 1966).  Josephine is the daughter of John Haines Haworth and Maria Albert Foreman.  John Haworth is pictured on the right.  Jeremiah Haworth is on the left, and Lydia Haworth Moorman is in the middle.

Peter Van De Verg writes: He has this same picture, and it was in the possession of Grace Tomlinson, granddaughter of Jeremiah Haworth, who is pictured on the left.  Their sister, Lydia Haworth Moorman, is pictured in the middle.  Peter says that his grandmother told him that she had been told not to write on the face of this picture; so here is her writing from the back of the picture:


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