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Family Notes

Union County Indiana - Descendants of ELI HAWORTH


Notes:  These  notes and pictures come from Ruth Mack.  Ruth sent us several photo albums, with both identified and un-identified family members.  The unidentified pictures  are shown separately  in the index. 

Ruth descends from George, James, Richard, Joel, Eli, Alphonso, Fred, and Barbara Haworth.

(Ron Haworth, editor)

Generation No. 1

1.  ELI7 HAWORTH  (JOEL6, RICHARD5, JAMES 4, GEORGE3, JAMES2, HENRY1) was born August 01, 1829 in Silver Creek MM, Union Co., IN, and died May 09, 1887 in East Mayport, FL.  He married ANNA THOMAS Bef. November 16, 1850, daughter of BENJAMIN THOMAS and ANNA MOORMAN.  She was born October 26, 1826 in IN, and died June 03, 1901 in Hickory, NC. 

Notes for ELI HAWORTH:    (click on thumbnail)

Silver Creek-Salem MM, IN

4-26-1851:  Eli rpt mcd.  6-28-1851: dis.

Was a member of Knights of Pythias, Jacksonville Chapter No. 12, R.A.M., in 1875.

WARRANTY DEED, May 1, 1867, Elias Moss & wife Ethalinda Moss of Jasper Co., MO, to Eli Haworth & Francis H. Thurston of Newton Co., MO, for property in Newton Co., MO, for $920.  Filed May 3, 1867, recorded Book H, pgs. 17 & 18.

 WARRANTY DEED, Aug. 27, 1880, Alphonso Haworth to Eli Haworth both of Duval Co., FL property in East Mayport, FL, for $100.00.  Filed Sept. 3, 1880 and recorded in Book A.F., pg. 539.

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OBIT (found glued inside old family photo album):

Dr. Eli Haworth Dead.  Dr. Eli Haworth died at his home on the old San Pablo plantation, near Mayport, on the morning of the 9th inst., after a short illness of congestion of the liver, in the 59th year of his age.  The deceased was formerly from the State of Illinois, but for the past 15 years was a resident of this vicinity.  He was at one time keeper of the St. John's light.  He will be remembered by many visitors at the seaside as having of late years kept the Burnside House on the south beach.  He leaves a wife and one son.


Burial: Mayport Cemetery, Mayport, FL 

Occupation 1: Doctor, managed Burnside House at Seminole Beach, FL.

Occupation 2: Bet. 1872 - 1887, Lighthouse keeper, Mayport, FL

Religion: Quaker

Residence: Came to Florida when he was 44 years old. 

Notes for ANNA THOMAS:    (click on thumbnail)

Silver Creek-Salem MM, IN

Dec. 1850:  Anna (form Thomas) New Garden rq this meeting to treat for mcd.

2-22-1851:  Treated without satisfaction.

5-24-1851:  Dis rec from New garden. 

WARRANTY DEED, Nov. 30, 1868, Elias Moss & wife Ethalinda J. Moss of Jasper Co., MO, to Ann T. Haworth of Newton Co., MO, property in Newton Co., MO, for $520.  Filed Dec. 2, 1868; recorded Dec. 4, 1868, Book I, pgs. 685 & 686. 

WARRANTY DEED, Aug. 27, 1880, Alphonso Haworth to Ann T. Haworth, both of Duval Co., FL, property in Duval Co. for $100.  Filed Sept. 3, 1880 and recorded in Book E of SPMIIV(?), pgs. 796, 797, 798. 

POWER OF ATTORNEY, Oct. 3, 1892, Ann T. Haworth to Alphonso Haworth.  Recorded Jan. 21, 1893 in Duval Co., FL, Book 84, pg. 340. 


Anna Haworth was born in the state of Indiana on October 26, and died in Hickory, N. C., June 3, 1901.  She was married to Dr. Eli Haworth who died in the state of Florida fourteen years ago.  Mrs. Haworth came to Hickory in 1899.  She was a woman highly respected; a member of the Friend's church and died in that faith.  Her funeral was held from the Reformed church of Hickory, conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. L. Murphy. 

Anna's birth is noted in one of Alphonso's notebooks as Oct. 10, 1826. 


Burial: Hickory, NC

Property: Anna was heir to property in Neosha, MO.

Religion: Quaker 


Marriage: Bef. November 16, 1850       

Children of ELI HAWORTH and ANNA THOMAS are:

                    Alphonso and Hira Haworth - 1866 photo (click on thumbnai).  

i.    ALPHONSO8 HAWORTH, b. May 05, 1850, Fountain City, IN?; d. December 19, 1943, East Mayport, FL.

                  ii.    HIRA HAWORTH, b. 1853; d. May 24, 1871. 


Name also given as Ira or Ahira.  Headstone made by his great-nephew Charles Frederick Haworth simply says "IRA HAWORTH". 

Obituary found glued inside an old family photo album:

   Hira Haworth, second son of Dr. Eli Haworth, (of May Port, Florida) departed this life on the 24th inst., in the eighteenth year of his age, after a long and protracted illness, in which he bore his sufferings with great heroic fortitude, never complaining but always striving to appear better than he really was, and in conversation was ever ready with some happy illustration, tending to mirth rather than gloom, with such Christian simplicity as showing the illuminating influence of his mind for happiness, both here and hereafter.  Death had no terror, saying it was nothing to him, only a door to Heaven, the portal to eternal joy.  The deep affection he bore and exhibited for his mother on all occasions will long be remembered by his relatives and friends; a few hours before his departure on waking from slumber, he told his father he had a glorious dream, glorious to him, and many other expressions showing that as death approached, his spirit was being transported to the haven of rest to be an inhabitant of that city which hath foundations, whose maker and builder is God.

   His last act was to part with his earthly treasures, which had been so highly prized--never allowing some of them to leave his sight.  His dear mother, in death as in life, received his choice gifts, to his only brother and dear sister he gave the balance; to his father he had made a valuable present the day before.  And turning over a little as for rest, a few minutes after he breathed his last, as serene and quiet as in sleep.  It was the sleep of death, but his spirit went to God who gave it.

   His remains were interred the following day at St. Pablow [sic], attended by many friends. 

May Port, 5th mo. 30th, 1871. 


Burial: Mayport Cemetery, Mayport, FL 

                 iii.    IDA MAY HAWORTH, b. IN; d. Near Palatka, FL. 

Notes for IDA MAY HAWORTH:            (click on thumbnail - all three pictures are on one page)

OBIT glued inside old family album:


Haworth--Near Palatka, Fla., on the 2d inst., of pulmonary disease, Ida May, only daughter of Dr. Eli and Ann T. Haworth, of Mayport, in the 18th year of [bottom torn off]. 


Burial: Mayport Cemetery, Mayport, FL 

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