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Family Notes - Alfred Hayworth

Civil War  Monument

Editor's Notes: On May 5, 1864, Alfred Hayworth was killed in action at the Battle of Wilderness.  He was born in Newton Township, Ohio, to the parents, Joseph C. Hayworth and Elizabeth Coate.  His family line is: Alfred, Joseph C. Haworth, James Wade Haworth, Nathaniel Haworth, Absalom Haworth, and then George Haworth.  His brother is Allen Haworth. (see  Allen Haworth) In 1895, the township of Newton, located in the center of Pleasant Hill, Ohio, erected a monument to the twelve Newton soldiers killed during the civil war.  Alfred Hayworth was one of the twelve killed.  Shown on the following pages is an extract from a book, written about the monument.  Ron Haworth, Editor

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