John Haworth - 1768 Immigrant

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Editor's Note: John Haworth migrated to America in 1768, arriving Philadelphia, from Bristol, England.  John is the son of  George and Martha Haworth, of Shuttleworth Hall, Lancashire, England.  John is the grandson of  James Haworth, who was the brother of George Haworth, who migrated in 1699.

The book was a private printing for subscribers only.  It was entitled "Ecroyd, Warner, and Morris Genealogy" and was compiled by Lewis Ecroyd Morris and printed around 1978.

I have divided  text into two areas: (1) John Haworth, (2) his daughter Martha, who married James Ecroyd. 

Ron Haworth, Editor

John Haworth and Mary Norton   (Click on the page to open it.)

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Martha Haworth and James Ecroyd 

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