Our English Family: Ian Atkinson reported that on October 12th, 1999, his Grandma, Mrs. Jessie Haworth Barlow, passed away. She was 96.  Jessie was born in Nelson Lancashire on 28 June 1903, the youngest daughter of Wilson Haworth and Mary Bell. She married James Barlow in Nelson, on the 24th June 1926 and had two daughters; Joyce in 1928 and Mavis in 1933.  Jessie was a direct line descendant from James Haworth, (our George's father) and at one time, had possession of the George letters. The picture shown below was taken at her memorial.

Our English Haworths: Descendants of Jessie Haworth & James Barlow: from left to right: Anita Atkinson, Jack Wilson, Paul Wilson, Mavis (Barlow) Whitehead, Margaret Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Joyce Wilson, Steven Wilson, Jane Wilson, Simon Barlow, Stanley Whitehead, and Ian Atkinson. (Jessie passed away Oct. 12, 1999)

Earlier Pictures of Jessie: In 1984, Jessie was pictured at her home in Nelson by Mrs. Dorothy Pugh, who was visiting from Redding CA.  Those 1984 pictures can be seen on the next page.  Click on Nelson.

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