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George's Birth Place

George's birthplace was NOT Rockcliffe, as earlier reported.  Ms Marilyn Winton found his baptism document, dated 10 Sept 1676 at Haslingden, Lancashire.  The document indicated that he was born at GAMBLESIDE, near Dunnockshaw, Lancashire.   While Gambleside is now a "lost" village (ruins only now), on a road map, it can be found near the main highway to Dunnockshaw, and above the Clowbridge reservoir.  The location can be found at Google Earth, Lat 537443886 and Lon 2.258666. You can also enter 53  44' 41"N 2 15' 36".    Ron Haworth, Editor.

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The five Gambleside pictures,  shown below, were recently taken by Moe Howarth. 

Moe can trace his family history to a Haworth family, and his yDNA is almost identical to the Haworth yDNA (at 67 markers)


George' Baptismal Church


Area Pictures

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