Haworth Association of America

(y)DNA Project

Primary Objectives:  Where did George come from; who are his ancestors?

Secondary Objective: Tie family lines together

What We Know:  We are so very fortunate to have documented family history.  We know that I, for example,  descend from James Haworth, who died in 1678, Rossendale, Lancashire, through his son George.  We have the George baptismal entry from Haslingden Parish Registers, Rossendale. (the background picture is his bural ground)


What do the results mean, in the broadest of terms? 

The R1b migration trail can be seen on the map.      

But unlike the R1b group, which came to Europe from the south west, the R1b1b2 subgroup came north through Germany or Poland.  They occupied the north west coast of Friesia and then moved to the middle and north England.

Here is the map:  (click on thumbnail)


Future Plans:

A sub-committee of the Haworth Association reunion  committee has been formed to explore how we should proceeed.  Co-administrators have been established under the Family Tree dna group.

We hope to gain more participants, and especially those Haworth-Howarth males who remained in England.  Additional test members will increase the confidence level of our group test results.

Familytreedna.com  Use this link if you have a kit number.  You will need a password to access your kit.


Ron Haworth, editor.


February 2022


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