Mary (Rees) Haworth


Notes by Marilyn Winton Totten: 

Update: (May 2019) Marilyn writes that the first photo was taken years ago when the marker was still whole and unbroken.  About ten years ago,  the stone was broken off by the mowers and someone stuck the top half into rough concrete in the hole where it had been.  The dates were lost as they were then buried in the concrete.

My bother (Richard C London), Greg Hinshaw and I had a new stone installed right next to the old one, so that now the stones are side by side.

Original Text:

As I came across this, I thought I would take the opportunity to share it. This is the stone to my 4th great grandmother Haworth, in Hinkle Creek Friends Burial Ground, Hamilton Co., IN. This is a "before" photo; about five years ago, the Friends church at Hinkle set all the broken stones (broken in two in this case), damaged by the mowers, into concrete on each grave. Mary's date of death and age were obliterated and all that now shows is her name "Mary Haworth". 

She was Mary Rees, daughter of William Rees & Charity Dillon; born1767 in Frederick Co., VA (where our next  Haworth Reunion will be in year 2004).  She moved with her parents and many other Quakers to Guilford Co., NC, near Greensboro, where she witnessed scenes from the Battle of Guilford Courthouse during the Revolution, in 1781 as a girl of 14. She saw the wagonloads of wounded being brought from the battle, with the wagons dripping blood between the floor boards, a sight she never forgot (this was later related by her grandson Rees Haworth). They moved on to Greene Co., TN, where she married James Haworth Jr. in 1784 (he was 15 years older).

They went on into the wilderness of southern Ohio, Highland Co., in 1803, and on into central Indiana in 1824.  James died in Hendricks Co., near Danville, in 1827, and Mary went to Hamilton Co. to live with her children.  She bore James 13 children; the 6th child, and the 5th son, was my 3rd great grandfather Haworth, Jonathan, born in Greene Co., TN in 1798.  She made that trip into the wilderness of Ohio with eight young children already.  Jonathan & wife Esther Evans are also buried at Hinkle Creek cemetery, but have "new" granite stones erected by my grandfather Dr. Edgar S. Haworth, in the 1950's.

James and Mary Rees Haworth were our true American pioneer ancestors of the Westward Movement; check out their travels from birth to death on a map;  they must have been strong people of true grit.  James lived to be 75, and lies in an unmarked grave in the back (oldest) part of Mill Creek Friends Burial Ground in Hendricks Co.; we should erect a stone to him.  Mary, after the life she led, and 13 children, lived to be 83!   She deserves a better stone now, also.  I for one, am very proud to be carrying their genes in the very cells of my being.  Marilyn

Updated May 2019

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