Howard's Mill Road - South Side of Deep River

Smyrma Methodist Church on the south side of Deep River

Editor's Note:  This family  name, "Howard",  ties directly to the Haworth family as a result of a name change. 

John Haworth, a descendant of George Haworth,  was born March 11, 1812, Guilford County, NC.   John,  married Julia Moffitt, a Methodist.  He was disowned by the Springfield Meeting, NC, on 11 September 1839 for marrying "out of unity".  This was presumably just after his marriage.   See page 327, #487, "Some Quaker Families - Scarborough/Haworth".

 It is said that he changed his name because he had been disowned.  They continued to live in the area and he became a miller.  John's family line is Henry Haworth, his father, then George, then Stephanus, and then George, the immigrant.  We are happy to see  these pictures from this family. 

The pictures were taken by Neal Cheek, who decends from John.  His family line is John Haworth Howard, William Henry Howard, Dora Howard and Robert Franklin Cheek, Waldo Clayton Cheek, and Neal Check.

 Ron Haworth, editor


John (Haworth) Howard                                                                                   Julia Moffitt Howard

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