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Cherokee City - Old Cemetery, Benton County, Arkansas

Lee and Cindy Witt write: We found this old cemetery in Cherokee City, Benton County, Arkansas.  Cherokee City is no more and is now incorporated into Gentry, Arkansas.  The cemetery is called Kellam Cemetery and has 26 graves, including that of my Great Grandfather's first wife, Elizabeth.  The cemetery also includes the grave of Mattie Whitesel Hayworth, the child of James Whitesel Hayworth and his second wife, Georgia Francis Lyons.

We repaired some 15 or more headstones including the one for James' first wife, Elizabeth, which was broke in half.  I built and placed a display podium that contains a plot map, listing of who's there, and a story of the cemetery.   I dedicated it to my grandmother, Daisy Hayworth.

After 2 years of effort, work now is just maintaining the grounds. The cemetery is about a 6 hour round trip from where we live.






Editor's Note.  Lee Witt's family line is: George Haworth, James Haworth, Richard H. Haworth, Richard Haworth, James Whitesel Hayworth, Daisy Floyd Hayworth, William Eugene Witt, and then Lee Edward Witt. 

Karen Digby has also participated in the restoration and she is pictured with Lee Witt.  Karen Digby's family line is:  George Haworth, James Haworth, Richard H. Haworth, Richard Dillon Haworth, James Oliver Howard Haworth, Ella Mariah Haworth, Ruth Nadine Main, Karen Canady-Digby.

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