Ackworth Cemetery

These pictures of the Ackworth Iowa Friends cemetery were taken by Jim Taylor. He writes; "Unfortunately, some of the stones were pretty illegible but maybe with a magnification program, they could be brought out."   Where we could not identify the name, we listed the picture as an unknown name.

Jim also writes that a record of the burial plots is in existence and maintained by Junior Moffitt, of Ackworth.

Friends Church, Ackworth Iowa          ack002s

Friends Church Corner Stone            ack003s

Ackworth Cemetery - Overview           ack012

Belle Haworth                          ack001

Clifton Haworth                        ack002

Harriet Haworth                        ack003

Fredie Haines Haworth                  ack004

George D. Haworth                      ack004s

J. W. Haworth & Addie Kenoyer          ack005

? D. & A. M. Haworth                   ack005s

A. B. Haworth & Claudia Haworth        ack006

Agness Haworth                         ack006s

G. ? Haworth                           ack007s

Rachel Haworth & Calvin Haworth        ack008s

Raymond J. & Mildred Igo Haworth       ack010s

James W. Haworth                       ack011s

Alonzo J. & Esther A. Haworth          ack012s

Ida Haworth                            ack013s

Hannah & Samuel Haworth                ack017s

Eva V. Haworth                         ack018s

Lydia Haworth                          ack019s

 daughter of Dillon & Mary Haworth

Dillon Haworth                         ack020s

Mary Haworth                           ack023s

? Haworth                              ack022

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